Pelgrim Trio

“Three elegant ladies seduce the audience with delicate teamwork, taking their personal pilgrimage to the edges of the musical world.
Travel along and experience moments of overwhelming dynamics, breathtaking serenity and spirituality presented by the Pilgrim Trio with humor and charm. “

In 2004 the Pilgrim Trio made her debut with “Pilgrimage FRANCAIX”, a program around the virtuoso composer Jean Françaix.
From AD-The Dordtenaar;
“Surprising and impressive was the Trio Jean Françaix in which Thea  Rosmulder, Karin Dolman and Caecilia Boschman played an amazing Allegrissimo. It was also a pleasure to look at the performance of the Trio “.

Meanwhile, several programs have been added to the repertoire, including “Of Pearls and Pigs” an English/American program.