Duo Dolman/Boschman

After 27 years we still enjoy every minute playing together.

Karin Dolman and Caecilia Boschman Kooyker Photography

The pianist Caecilia Boschman and Karin Dolman both studied at the University of Arts in Rotterdam and have been a succesfull musical duo ever since their student days.

Shearing a profound love for 20th century music, they became both musical companions and good friends. Their achievements were rewarded with prizes at the Duo Competition Vierzon and the Lional Tertis Competition on the Isle of Man.

Caecilia and Karin always try to find interesting music that is not so well known. A good number of contemporary composers dedicated works to Caecilia an Karin. Their concerts are never on the the safe side and this  sincere approach is widely appreciated by both public and colleagues.