Academy of music Codarts Rotterdam

As a musician, you try to reach the highest possible level in an inspiring, international setting where you can develop your experience and be yourself. At Codarts, we offer you this setting.

Our renowned teachers help you to reach your desired top level. In addition there are plenty opportunities for collaboration with the other departments: from pop to world music, from dance to circus. This provides you with the inspiration and incentives to go your own way.

You can benefit from our excellent connections in the world of music. Each year you gain more and more stage experience. You develop yourself into a ‘performer-plus’: you not only know how to deliver a strong performance, but you are also capable of transferring knowledge, doing research and managing your own business.


To be admitted at the Bachelor of Music (Classical Music) at Codarts a specific entrance audition must be passed. Each area of study has its own admission procedure with accompanying selection criteria and supplementary requirements.

To enroll at Codarts you should be in possession of a havo diploma, mbo bve-level 4 or a (foreign) certificate of equivalent value, in which the subject packet or the profile is of secondary importance. In special cases the above diploma demands can be set aside. The student-to-be then has the possibility to take a capacity test, to check if there is sufficient general development to be able to follow the study. The fees for this test are charged to the student-to-be.

Our Teachers

Our teachers will be more than just your teacher. They will be your coach and mentor during your study. Our teachers have won their spurs in professional practice and bring their knowledge to the classroom. They will inspire and stimulate you to fully deploy and use your talents. You’ll find yourself transferring their influences to your projects and performances.

Karin Dolman

Why do you feel students should come to Codarts?
“At Codarts, a student can develop very broadly. Because Codarts also offers jazz and world music courses, you can choose a number of minors that are not available at other conservatoires. For violin players, the viola course is also very accessible. Codarts has purchased a large range of violas to offer every violin player the opportunity to become proficient in this instrument.”

What will you teach them?
“A bright future in professional music requires more than musicality and technique. To succeed as a professional musician, social, organizational, and communication skills are vital.”

How will you do this?
“I coach my students in developing a vision for their future as a musician in classical music, and make them aware of what is required of a musician outside the protective walls of the conservatoire early on. By the way, I feel privileged working with students on their future as a musician.”


After obtaining her diploma Performing Musician, Karin won a prize at the Tertis viola competition and a laureate for the Brahms Prize in Baden-Baden. She got to the finals of the international duo competition in Vierzon, France, with pianist Caecilia Boschman. In 2020 she was elected as Daughter of Dordrecht, her hometown.